Sabka Apna Vikas: Personality Development for All

For everyone - working professionals, students, parents, & more: Get your own personality report & start your development journey for a very nominal special INAUGURAL LAUNCH fee! INR 501

Short Summary:
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  • We have a very low one time inaugural on our latest version as we have now opened up the platform to everyone after several successful pilots! (see our social handles for information). Your feedback will be very much appreciated using #ApnaVikas
  • A personalized report, based on the Enneagram: a result of a cumulative amount of over 28 years by our team!
  • An advanced chatbot which will help you based on your own report
  • You register by clicking on "Start Now", pay for it, & answer 153 questions & instantly get your report
  • An advanced chatbot which will help you based on your own report

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  Our Offer Includes:
  • A unique, actionable report which will help you to develop your personality, & much more!
  • The comprehensive report is backed by over 14 years of research!
  • Your one time payment includes discounted and/or free access to new features that we will roll out.
  • For example, in future, you may be able to request a free session with one of our experts, in total anonymity!
  • Another example: in future, you will be able to track your own action items, online!
  How it works
  • You pay by entering information on top of this page.
  • You will to answer 153 questions online
  • At the end, you get a report instantly
  • It will help you to embark/ continue your journey of self-development
  • You can also use our specially trained chatbot which will help you get started on your journey
  • Give it a try. Validate the captcha & see for yourself
  The Enneagram
  • An ancient, powerful system for understanding Human Nature
  • It goes beyond all other personality tools and deeply examines the unconscious motivations underlining our behaviour.
  • It is an open technique, not proprietary, and is used all over the world
  • The Enneagram can be applied everywhere: in personal life, professional life, and so on
  • We are the first ones to provide it in a unique way, at low cost, and in multiple languages, which includes an advanced chatbot!