Refund Policy

This policy is only provided in English language for now

Disclaimer: In the event of any discrepancy or conflict, the English version will prevail over the translation.

For All Our Users

  • Refunds will be Only made if there is a technical error once your card has been charged and this web site, is not able to provide you the unique personalized link to you immediately.
  • In cases of technical errors as mentioned above, the user will have to contact us using the link on this web site, and by giving us the unique order reference. The user can either request a refund or choose to get the unique personalized link sent to them via email later on.
  • In cases of any other technical errors after having paid, and once the web site is being used, no refunds shall be made. The user may contact us using the links given on this web site, along with the technical error and the same shall be rectified.
  • The optional free session with an expert depends on mutual availability of time slots. As this is a voluntary service, there is no question of any refund being applicable in case a free session is not made available
  • The price offered to end users will vary depending on different promotions and marketing campaigns. Whatever be the price applied for a user will have no bearing on any other price offered by and no refunds either partial or in entirety will be provided

For our Expert Users: Coaches, Counsellors & Mentors

  • Refunds for any certification related sessions will only be made if the scheduled session has been cancelled by us or by our partner
  • The number of free sessions done by our experts are free: and depends on various factors. Since these are voluntary sessions, there are no implications on refunds on the membership of our expert users
  • The number of times the experts are contacted are not charged for in the membership. As such these, too, have no bearing on any kind of refunds.